Finding My Prince Charming

Once Upon A Time in a land far, far away a Princess named Sally decided to get out of her bed, brush her hair, put on her prettiest dress and go find her Prince Charming.

Actually this was in the 21st century so I didn’t need to leave my bed or get out of my pajamas, I just needed my phone, a full battery and at least one photo of myself looking quiche and I was on my quest to find my very own Prince Charming.

IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0143

My Profile was now complete; I just need to actually talk to people now. So I enlisted the help of my trusty sidekicks, Sir Ed Abbott and Lady Gretel Tutt.

Deciding to swipe left or swipe right was the hardest part of finding Prince Charming!

First Match

Despite the overwhelming awkwardness of deciding whether or not to Like or Unlike someone, I had my First Match!


The sheer excitement and elation of that moment was overwhelming, it was like being picked first for a team by the guy you liked in Primary School. I was so flabbergasted that I dropped my phone. But what was even more exciting was when he started talking to me first.


With a pounding heartbeat and sweaty palms I hit Twitter.


First Time Nerves



After getting Lady Gretel Tutt onto Tinder I knew I had to pull up my big girl pants and finally starting talking to my first and incredibly good looking suitor.


Ok so maybe I wasn’t ready as I thought I was…


And then I did it! I started talking to him and it was amazing. I didn’t need to be glamorous or sexy looking I just needed to be glamorous and sexy sounding!

He seemed interested in what I did and kept complimenting me (if you are ever in the need to feel pretty Tinder is your friend, I have never felt so beautiful in my life)

And that’s when he first asked to see me.

Do I meet up with a total stranger that I had only ever spoken to on the Internet and seen a mere 5 photos of?

Of course not!

I add him on Facebook instead.

But naturally Facebook turns into Facebook messenger, which then turns into him giving me his number…

Tinder Etiquette

After nearly 2 weeks on Tinder rules start to be created between users, lines are drawn and you start getting caught in a constant loop of swiping left and right.

Tinder Matches


Swipe Left, Swipe Right

Once the Tinder etiquette was established it was now time to go into Tinder overload

Tinder Part 4Tinder Part 3Tinder Part 2Tinder Part 1

The Tinder Date

The count down was on to see who would be my first Tinder date.

Would it be Michael?

My first ever Tinder Match, the boy that seems interested in me and constantly makes me feel good about myself?


Or would it be David?

The boy that tried to impress me with his baseball skills before he knew that it was my brothers ball that he dropped allowing the game winning double and that I was in fact in the crowd that night watching?


Or Lachlan?

The quiet one that I was able to have good conversations with and who was interested in getting to know me and what I enjoy doing?


It turned out to be David. He seemed the most real to me, because I had physically seen him before our Tinder match.

But was it the fairytale date that I expected?

No. After stressing all day over what to wear, he messaged me 2 hours before our date saying he had to cancel because of work.

Yet I was determined to see him, so I invited him over after work, by the time he arrived it was 10:30. And he had left by 11:30.

After a few messages here and there he stopped talking to me for 2 weeks. Then out of the blue he messaged again saying he wanted to meet again. I decided the answer was no. That doesn’t mean he has given up trying though.

Who is your favorite?

Tinder is filled with more than just people finding their Prince Charming or their Tinderella.

A few of my favorites include:

IMG_0135 IMG_0132

IMG_0131 IMG_0140

Abs, Abs, Abs (But where is my Prince Charming?)

One of the reoccurring themes on Tinder is the fact that for guys, shirts are optional. And as amazing as it is to look at, it was a little disheartening as you start to think that people are only interested in the physical and not the emotional which I what I was intent on finding through this this experience.

Tinder Abs

Did you know?

During my search for Prince Charming I came across some interesting characters. One is known by the name Chris.


Chris started off his conversation with me through a “Did you know…?”, only I already knew it. This lead to Chris trying to come up with something I didn’t know.


Am I ever going to find him?

My patience was running thin and so were my Tinder matches.


I had been through so many people on Tinder that I had ran out of people to be matched with.

What could I do?

This was a turning point in my quest; instead of looking forward to all the possible matching I could be matching I decided to look back at the ones that I had already made. Maybe I had already found the one I was looking for and just hadn’t realized it yet.

My Final Line Up



The one I had been talking to from the beginning, yet now he just wanted to go out clubbing with me and was sending mixed signals



The hard worker that had simple out look on life, but he just never made a move for anything other than a good conversation.



The 6’6 rower that I could laugh with and who wanted to see me. The one that asked me questions and was intrigued by the answers.



The guy that made me think and questioned every answer I gave until he fully understood where my answer came from.



The guy that had stopped talking to me for 2 weeks, but was starting to talk to me again.

The Late Entry


I believed that I had made my final choices when out of the blue Daniel starts talking to me.

He is a New Zealander who just moved to Australia working for a film production company. He had done a similar course to me at University and he was perfect.

The conversation was easy yet engaging, and he wanted to see me!

What was a girl to do?

Tinder Date Take Two

I decided it was time to go out with one of my final choices. But who was I to pick?

I decided on Lachlan.

This date was planned, and unlike my first Tinder date he actually turned up!

It was a beautiful date where we were able to talk and laugh and find out more about each other. He even paid for lunch!

After having lunch and talking for more than 2 hours we weren’t really for the date to finish, so we stopped on the way to the park for ice cream and spent another 3 hours talking.

I couldn’t wipe the smile of my face!

Have I found my Prince Charming?

For the past three weeks I have been enjoying the company of Lachlan. He is a gentleman, and didn’t kiss me until our second date for fear of moving too fast. I have relished in the time I have spent with Lachlan and am looking forward to the future possibilities with my maybe Prince Charming.

And for now, my Tinder days are over. I just need to workout how to tell my parents how I met him.